Location Žutnica – Krapina

We have approx. 125.000 sqm open and closed area in Žutnica, near Krapina. Approximately 20.000 sqm of closed and sqm 30.000 m of open area is free for renting. The areas are appropriate for production, finishing, storing etc. This location is situated approx. 10 km to the border crossing with EU /Slovenia/

Cadastral plot 129/1, 134, 137, 141, 146, 151, 152, 155, 718
The area has complete infrastructure and communal facilities. Beside that, there is direct access to the motorway and few local roads. The objects are built on completely equipped construction land and are connected to following:

  • Gas line
  • El. network
  • water supply system
  • sewage system
  • telephone connection

At same location there are also:

  • water reservoir – capacity 2 mil. liters
  • fuel reservoir – capacity 1 mil. liters

Customs Office, customs storage, customs agents offices, parking place for trucks and manipulative areas are also there. There is a possibility to send and deliver goods by rail since there is the railway track too.