JEDINSTVO is a private company established in 1952 that has been operating successfully over 60 years. As a group of Ltd. companies it employs 800 workers and posesses a total area of 300.000 sqm of business permises. The annual turnover is 150.000.000 USD and the basic capital is 58.000.000 USD.

• metal processing; manufacture of containers, modular units, constructions and prefabricated halls
• construction work; buildings, roads and gas stations, border crossings and toll booths and warehouses
• exploitation of quartz sand and drinking water
• energy, ecology, tourism, commerce and others

We are interested in cooperation with new partners in order to increase our activities and income. We have at our disposal a complete infrastructure, production facilites, warehouses and needed human resources. We are open to various forms of cooperation such as: joint ventures, construction works, production in the field of ecology, agriculture, energy and others.