Free Trade Zone

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Free Trade Zone is situated nearby our factory. We are interested in cooperation and/or renting free open and closed area in Free Trade Zone. We own approximately 60.000 m2 area there. Cadastral plot nr. 3352, 3354, 3355, 3358/1, 3358/2, 3361/4, 4123/1, 4123/2, 4123/3

The zone is part of Republic Croatia territory which is specially marked and bounded and where special terms are valid for executing the economic activities.
Following activities are possible in the zone: production of goods, finishing of goods, wholesale, supply of various services. Retail sale is not allowed in the zone.
Free Trade zone users have following benefits:

  • tax relief
  • custom duty relief
  • economic benefit
  • administrative

Tax Relief
Special tax relief is reduction in payment the income tax in amount of 50%. There is also tax exemption related to value added tax and consumption tax for goods that is either located in the zone or used in accordance to Free Trade Zone Law.

Custom Duty Relief
Zone users are exampted from custom tax payment for imported goods placed in  the Zone, which are  used in accordance to Free Trade Zone Law, and which are not assigned for domestic market.

Economic Benefit
Contigents, permits and licences for foreign trade, regular limits or temporary measures for goods located in the zone but not assigned for domestic market are not applied in the zone.

Administrative benefit
The procedure during import and export of the goods is more simple than by regular import and export activities. Instead of custom declaration the import and export of the goods is reported by filling the form. The domestic goods are reported by order or invoice.