“LJEVAONICA – KRAPINA d.o.o.” is specialized foundry for producing the Aluminum and Zync castings

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We extract from our production program:

  • High quality sand and model gravitation castings for electric, textile, process-, and car industry
  • Parts for various industrial facilities and machines, low and high voltage networks, transformers, electric engines, rails etc….
  • Cathode protection of ships, marine facilities, pipelines, reservoirs, etc. Aluminum posts and fences
  • Street light posts, park benches
  • Garden sets

We use quality alloys in production such as: AlSi7Mg, AlSi10Mg, AlSi12, AlSi9Mg, AlSi0.5MG – conductive, AlCu4MgTi, ALSi9Cu3, AlZn5 for anodes
The examination of chemical composition is done with spectrometer ARL-3460/MA. We are in position to give the printed report of requested chemical composition to the customer. It is also possible to measure hardness of thermal treated castings in brinel /HB/ and make examination related to dimensions control and tightness.
For workmanship of sand and model castings we use drawings, and models received from our customers. It is also possible to make the models in our factory.
We also make machine processing of aluminum casts as well as sandblasting services .
We use this opportunity to express our interest for cooperation with companies in field of spreading the range of production program as well as mutual investments in production.

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