Accomodattion containers

When talking about modular buildings, accommodation and office containers are ideal solution for fast and simple installation.
They are used as:

  • offices
  • sleeping rooms
  • guard houses
  • boths
  • showrooms
  • shops etc.

Accommodation containers are produced as completely finished – fix as well as collapsible .
Colapsible containers are delivered in packages what spares the transport costs
Different sizes of containers are possible:

  1. d=2991 mm, š=2438 mm, v=2591/2791 mm
  2. d=6058 mm, š=2438 mm, v=2591/2791 mm
  3. d=9125 mm, š=2438 mm, v=2591/2791 mm
  4. d=12120 mm, š=2438 mm, v=2591/2791 mm

Other sizes are available upon customer request.

Container layout

Office container



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